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Not a problem! You can combine selected elements from different packages. If there’s anything you like more in one of the other packages, just let us know and we’ll be happy to change it. Naturally, any price differences (cheaper/more expensive products) will need to be paid or returned.

In this case, we’ll treat this project as an individual one and price it individually. Naturally, you still get to take advantage of our competitive pricing.

No, but we’ll take care of your kitchen too. We offer both modular and individual (fitted) kitchen designs. We’ll help you choose something that’ll suit your needs and budget.

We can divide the cooperation into the following stages:

  1. Signing of the executive contract on the basis of the base valuation – package price x the metric of the premises.
  2. The design stage, in the case of an apartment received, we begin immediately after payment of the first tranche from the contract, in the case of premises with a longer period to receive, this process begins about 2 months before the scheduled date of receipt from the developer.
  3. Implementation stage. If the above two stages have been completed and the apartment has been received from the developer we go to the inventory and prepare the detailed design. Next Once all sets of keys have been handed over to us, the execution stage begins, which currently takes from 10 to 14 weeks depending on the square footage.
  • The design stage consists of:
    selection of materials from the selected package;
  • discussion of electrical scheme, plumbing and central heating connections;
  • functional arrangement on a 2D plan -positioning of equipment, furniture shown on a floor plan with dimensions, along with showing the floor layout;
  • visualization of the bathroom;
  • cost estimate of finishing works including all additional works to the package agreed at the design stage or resulting from the developer’s standard;
  • after acceptance of the costs, an annex to the contract is signed with the cost estimate of additional works mentioned above;
  • executive design
Material changes can be applied to any of the packages (for example, swap panel flooring for wood plank). Of course, we do not have to limit ourselves to our catalog only. However, please note that any such change in case the material is more expensive than the package will be subject to a surcharge on the basis of the price difference with the material used.
Yes, the package provides a certain base of works and materials, which can be developed at the design stage after arrangements with the architect. Such works are individually priced and presented in the cost estimate for additional works.

Unfortunately, we deal with entire apartments.

No, there is a possibility to talk about customized furniture buildings while this is a separate, individual offer.

Yes, without paying additional fees, within the framework of the signed contract for the Classic, Style or Premium package, the reception can be attended by a Coordinator who will help check the premises from the technical side;

No, but the architect can do the selection of lamps for you based on the annex. We can also take care of ordering and installation of lighting.

Stairs are not made as part of the package but we can make them as part of the additional work, you will discuss the entire staircase project with our designer.

Yes, at the design stage you can determine with the architect the number of indoor units and style of models, on this basis we will select the power of the units and prepare a quote.


We only carry out comprehensive renovations of entire apartments.

The costs of bringing the apartment to developer condition (disassembly) are presented by the Coordinator after a site visit. After receiving the cost estimate, we invite customers to our showroom, where we choose the finishing package – Invest, Classic, Style or Premium. The total renovation costs consist of the cost estimate presented after the on-site visit and the costs of the finishing package.

The site visit is free of charge.

The implementation stage is determined by the Coordinator after the on-site visit. The completion date depends on the work we need to perform during the renovation process.

We only carry out general renovations, where the apartment is adapted to the developer’s condition and subsequently finished in accordance with the selected package.

Yes, we can renovate a wooden floor, but we must verify the condition of the floor during an on-site inspection.

Yes, it is possible. During the design stage, the number of indoor units is determined so that we can provide an estimate of the costs of air conditioning.

Yes, this is possible after verification during an on-site visit.

Yes, this is possible after verification during an on-site visit.

Unfortunately, we only deal with the interior of the apartment.


We design and install those too.

An architect assigned to your project will help you with everything. From choosing the manufacturers to purchasing and installation.

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